One-Stop Shop for Honolulu Home Remodeling or New Construction

Honolulu, Hawaii Homeowners Trust Dumore Construction & Remodeling For One-Stop Renovation and Construction

Dumore Construction & Remodeling takes the headache and hassle out of home remodeling or new home construction for homeowners throughout Oahu by providing a one-stop shop for quality design and construction services. Whether planning a Honolulu home remodeling project such as a second story home addition, a kitchen remodel, a complete renovation of the bathroom or construction of a brand new home, homeowners can trust the experienced building and design professionals at Dumore Construction to provide peace of mind to the client right at the outset of any project, regardless of size.

Dumore Construction & Remodeling has built its reputation by taking the worry out of new construction or renovation by handling all the details of home construction and remodeling projects, ranging from the initial design and planning stages to obtaining permits and starting and completing the construction process. Dumore Construction takes responsibility off the shoulders of the client and handles every detail of project and subcontractor management to ensure that the project stays on schedule and measures up to the expectations of what the client has requested and envisions.

Hiring a contractor without credentials or experience is the quickest route to shoddy workmanship, cost overruns and unexplained delays which waste time and money. But for Honolulu homeowners who contract with a construction team with the reputation and reliability that Dumore Construction & Remodeling has demonstrated, these pitfalls never happen. Dumore Construction & Remodeling honors its commitment to oversee every detail even before the construction/remodeling process begins, throughout the actual construction/remodeling work, and during the post construction/remodeling phase to ensure that the final result meets the expectations of the most important person involved in the project – the homeowner.

Not only does hiring Dumore Construction for your one-stop shop for renovation and construction take the stress out of remodeling and construction projects, it also guarantees the best possible results at the best possible price. Dumore Construction & Remodeling has earned a stellar reputation for being able to handle projects of all sizes to keep the design and remodeling project within the client’s budget at the same time meeting the needs of the client. Unlike independent contractors who often walk away or disappear for weeks at a time leaving the homeowner in a vulnerable state, Dumore Construction & Remodeling remains on the job overseeing every detail until the project is ready to be inspected by local building officials as well as the homeowner for final approval.

Many homeowners are amazed at how affordable working with Dumore Construction & Remodeling is on remodeling and construction projects. Dumore Construction managed projects are the perfect one-stop solution when the client wants a remodeling or new construction experience that is professional, pleasant, problem-free and on-target when it comes to both budget and schedule. For a consultation regarding an upcoming remodeling or construction project, the principles at Dumore Construction & Remodeling can be reached at (808) 216-9956.